Introducing our cutting-edge Automatic Gulab Jamun Frying Machine – a game-changer in sweet preparation. Make your sweet-making process smoother and more efficient with this innovative machine, ensuring every gulab jamun is perfectly fried for a delightful texture and taste. Ideal for sweets shops and restaurants producing these treats daily in large quantities, our Automatic and Semi-automatic Gulabjamun/Kalajamun making machines offer the perfect solution. Elevate your production efficiency, delivering consistent quality that delights your customers every time. Choose reliability, choose excellence – let our machines be the heart of your sweet-making operation.

  • No Need to get down Kadai from Burner Bhatti for Giving Reverse & Forward movement to kadai.
  • No Need to Stir the Gulab Jamun in Oil.
  • 300 - 400 pieces can be fried at a time.
  • Uniform Color is obtained.
  • Very soft & Spongy Gulab Jamun / Kala Jamun is obtain after pouring in Sugar Syrup (Chashni)
  • Machine can be used for frying other products.

Our Automatic & Semi-automatic Gulabjamun / Kalajamun making machines should be the best choice for the sweets shops and restaurants