Introducing our groundbreaking Automatic Lachcha Rabdi Machine, a pioneer in dessert preparation. Currently awaiting patent approval, this innovation has been in high demand since 2012, setting the standard for quality and taste in commercial use. Meticulously designed, our Rabdi Making Machines promise an authentic 100% traditional taste of Indian Deshi Rabdi. Undergoing rigorous quality tests, they are tailored for bulk Rabdi production, ensuring each batch maintains the highest standards. Elevate your dessert-making experience with our cutting-edge technology – where tradition meets innovation for the perfect blend of taste and reliability.

  • No Need to blow air above Milk
  • No Need to remove Malai from Milk
  • No Need to Stir the Milk
  • Live Rabdi Counter can be install in Front of Sweet Shop, Marriage/Party Hall/Lawn.

Just pour 10 Ltrs Milk in Rabdi Machine & Get Lachcha (Malai) Rabdi in 50 Minutes.